Thursday, July 15, 2010

it’s not a baby ruth.

i’ve been letting jonas feed himself the majority of his meals when we are home. it’s the only way he will learn to eat with a spoon, plus he loves the independence and i like being able to eat my meal, too.

if the meal is something that’s easy to manage, i’ll just wipe him down. but if it’s a serious mess, then we just run to the tub.

so yesterday afternoon after he polished off an especially messy toddler version of spaghetti-o’s, we headed to the tub. bubble baths are a new favorite, so i was excited for him to get to play for a while in the bubbles. only, about 2 minutes after being in the water, he peed.

no problem. i drained the water, and we started over. splash play scrub scrub scrub. just as i was pouring the last cup of water over his head, getting the remaining shampoo out…he leaned forward.

he leaned forward…and then grunted.

and i knew that this wouldn’t be pretty.

after he was finished, he looked at it. and then at me. and then back to it. then back to me. his eyes were really wide as if to say “WHOAAAA. WHAT JUST HAPPENED? WHO POOPED IN THE TUB?”

i wish it had been a baby ruth.


jordy liz said...

i love it. that's a perfect story to tell on his wedding day! ;)

Shana said...

That is too funny! My boys are 5 years apart & I would put them in the tub together. Logan would poop every.single.time. Jordan would scream like a little girl & try to climb the wall, ha!