Saturday, July 24, 2010

if dhs comes by…

today we went to the lake to visit family from out of town (which will be it’s own post :)). my parents were going to pick jonas and i up somewhere between 8:30-9am, so when the doorbell rang at 8:20 i just assumed it was them.

no. in fact, it was my neighbor who lives in the triplex next door to our house. she started the conversation with a simple:

have you ever seen this car? and gave a description.

while i’m usually pretty observant, i hadn’t noticed this car ever. instead of just saying “ok! just wondering!” she decided to tell me her life story.

in full.


it’s all kind of a blur, but there was something about someone screwing her out of her food stamps, a 30 year old who lives at home and is a hairdresser, an crappy ex-husband-to-be, and someone trying to cause her drama. oh, and if someone from dhs comes over and asks me who all lives at her house, it’s only her and her 2 kids. NOT HER BOYFRIEND, OKAY?!?!?!

my head was spinning a little bit. or a lot. i couldn’t really tell. i was sort of out of it because ZOMG UNSOLICITED INFORMATION FROM A COMPLETE STRANGER AHHHHH.

i quickly snapped back to it when she asked me if i knew the law about shooting someone who was trying to “break in” to your home. i was all like, MY HUSBAND IS A COP. AND SO ARE ALLLLLLLL OF HIS FRIENDS. COPS. LOTS OF ‘EM. BAD BOYS, WHATCHA GONNA DO?

before finishing the song in my head, she was gone. but now i’m completely paranoid that some 30 year old hairdresser is going to get shot next door.

it’s a lovely day in the neighborhood.

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