Monday, July 26, 2010

i ain’t afraid of no ghost

there’s something about our kid that just makes me insanely proud that he’s ours.

today while at my parents’ house, jonas had just about hit that fine lie that is between being happy and being possessed by demons and projectile vomiting pea soup.  i was trying my best to corral him, get his diaper changed, and hit the road before it got ugly. because it can get ugly quickly. and i’d rather deal with a PISSED AT THE WORLD jonas in the car where he can get it all out and i have no choice but to focus on what’s ahead of me than be somewhere where all i can think about is how pissed he is and how it sucks.

so like i said, i’m trying to get him out the door, but he’s all happy and giggly and stuff. because he’s playing. he’s playing a game that previously i had been the only one privy too. 

yes, he was playing LET’S PUT A BLANKET OVER MY FACE AND WALK INTO THINGS AND THEN FALL AND LAUGH REALLY HARD ABOUT IT!!! it’s actually one of his favorite games and is usually reserved for his bedroom, because that’s the one room where i don’t leave butcher knives and rusty nails scattered across the carpet. i know. helicopter parent, much?

anyway, he’s playing this game where basically he’ll walk towards you with the blanket just hovering on his forehead. once he’s like 5 steps away, he pulls it over his face so that he can’t see. like, at all. and he’ll run into or you’ll scoop him up and call him your itty bitty baby. either way he’s super pleased.

after much thinking, my mom and i have decided that jonas only needs a few things to survive in this world:

diapers, sippy cups on demand, something to bang on, a blanket, and a doggie pillow

that said, who wants baby furniture and rooms full of toys? if you can look past the teeth marks and occasional questionable stain, it’s yours.

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