Thursday, July 22, 2010



i’m so glad you can’t count yet. because if you could you’d realize that not only is there no 13 month note, but um…this one is like 2 weeks late.


but what’s going on with you?

dude, you’re slimming up. i can almost make out ribs. and i haven’t said anything yet, but man, your abs are looking SWEET. you haven’t really gained any weight (still around 26 lbs), but you look taller. and blonder. you are hanging out in anywhere from 12-18 months clothes, a size 6 shoe, and a size 4 diaper.

you’ve expanded your vocab to the following:

duck, dog, ball, bye bye, mama, dada, gaga (for grammie), no, yeah, go, ba (bite), up, and down

you’ve developed some sort of…i don’t know, face? where you squeeze all of your facial features into the VERY CENTER of your face? i don’t know, but it makes me laugh a lot. add that to your general abilities to make car noise, wookie noises, and farting LOUDLY in public and i’m still shocked why you’re single.

you love the nursery at church, and even walk yourself back there, banging on the door. i don’t know why everytime i hear crying in the nursery i peek in the window to see if it’s you, because it never is. instead, you’ll be standing there, holding a block, looking at whoever is crying like WHOA. I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW YOU WERE IN HERE. OOOH. CHEERIOS.

you’ve recently become the shy baby. like, when anyone comes near you that you aren’t related to, you completely hid your face using my body in whatever way possible, including under my dress. which is fun and all. but you’re heavy. and wiggly. and once whoever it is who has made you shy turns away from you, you beckon them back. CAT AND MOUSE, BABY.

you like to throw balls (or anything that’s round), play with anything that has wheels, and your newest love is DIVING onto doggie pillows. sometimes you miss them, though. which is equally entertaining.

being in the water is also a huge thing for you. actually, yesterday we were outside watering the flowers when you fell into the flower bed. i yanked you up, and you were covered HEAD TO TOE in black soil. it was incredible. especially seeing as i had literally put you in that outfit 10 minutes earlier. but anyway—i decided to just hose you down. and you LOVED every second of it. and when i stopped? you whined a little. so i sprayed you some more. and then some more.

jonas, your daddy and i love you so much. i know for a fact that it breaks your daddy’s heart to be away from you right now. he always wants to know what you’re doing. and he was so glad that you KNEW him when we say him several weeks ago. you mean the world to us…and we are so thankful that we get to watch you turn into this amazing little person.



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marsuefields said...

That is so sweet. Like I said Sunday, you are a great mom. It is what is in your heart that matters most and you have it!!