Wednesday, July 7, 2010

the battlefield

today jonas and i went to a play-date with two girls i went to school with back in the day. it was a fantastic event, and we look forward to future experiences like that. i think that one of the reasons that it went well was that it seemed that all three of us had a similar-enough parenting style.

i’ve got to say that there are certain people that i’d be terrified to have a play-date with. not because i think that they’d pull a knife on me or have a huge marijuana plant in their bathtub (well. maybe. you never know. BUT I’M MARRIED TO A COP. JUST TO PUT IT OUT THERE.). it’s even worse than that.

i’m totally terrified that i’ll get pulled into a group that’s either filled with ├╝ber fundies that will judge me for my lackluster length of hair and love of pants or a group of people who write unintelligible facebook status updates. because we all know I LURVE trying to decipher them. and honestly, who doesn’t? RITE, GURRRL? GIT WAT I MEAN? 4 REEL. LOLZ.

play-dates/groups are really a mystery to me. i think that they’re important for the gaggle of SAHMs out there for a chance to not only teach their kids to interact with other short humans, but also a time for those mamas to compare notes, kick back, and just relax.

but on the other hand (and i know it’s just me because I AM THE MOST COMPETIVE person on earth), i think it’s a chance for mom’s to size up the competition. these are the kids that your child will be fighting against on the playground. these are the children that your child will be playing organized sports against. these are the kids that your child will go up against when it comes to college scholarships.

so bring it on, mamas.

you know, as long as i approve of your facebook status updating abilities.

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