Tuesday, June 29, 2010

road trip, the pre-pack list

on wednesday, jonas and i will embark on our first cross-country road trip. and by cross-country i basically mean that we will leave the wonder that is northwest arkansas and head straight to the pit of hell that is lawton, oklahoma.

i don’t know about you, but i for one am so excited to drive FIVE HOURS ONE WAY with a one year old. and if it becomes a battle of who will survive, i’d place my bets on the one who still poops their pants (um, jonas).

i’ve been slowly packing and gathering and stuffing and tucking and cramming things. because with a menace to society toddler like i have, you can never pack enough mace. kidding. we prefer tasers. while i’ve always judge the parents who put their toddlers on a leash (and you can say all you want that it’s just a cute monkey backpack with a really long tail for you to hang on to! oo! IT’S A LEASH. RUFF RUFF.), i’ve found myself being pulled to their strong pull in each store i go. (don’t worry. jonas won’t be sporting harness). but jonas is requiring enough items to fill a small uhaul himself.

and then there’s john. my hot little husband. who is basically requesting that i pack entire left side of our house. and i get that he’s only asking because he’s been without stuff for so long, and we don’t want me to have to ship a ton of stuff to him later.

so tonight he sends me a text with everything that he wants me to bring to him. it’s a lot of basic stuff, plus some things like ether net cords which he had to describe to me so i’d grab the right thing. and then he mentioned something like “WOW. I WISH WE HAD A SPARE TV LOLZ.”*

lolz indeed, john. lolz indeed.

and then he casually mentions that maybe a change of clothes or something. YOU WANT ME TO BRING YOU A TV, BUT ARE ON THE FENCE ABOUT CLOTHES? so of course, i’m now waiting for said clothes to dry. because i’m not just bringing him a change of clothes. i’m actually giving him options. you know, like a couple pairs of shorts, jeans, and several shirts. i don’t know how often he’ll be allowed to wear street clothes, but come on. just ONE change of clothes?

*lolz was not actually said. but because it’s 11:42pm and i just had a waffle for dinner, i’m taking poetic license. whatevs.

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