Wednesday, June 16, 2010

the one where i lose my mind.

i think that the army likes to play mind games.

i know. that’s crazytalk. i’m just a giany crazytalker here, don’t mind me!

but seriously. the other day i got a letter from john where he’s all like “um…i possibly might potentially have some bad news”. apparently there’s this nasty, nasty rumor going around his little part of the base that people who are doing the same AIT program as him immediately following graduation from basic could have their program extended from 10 weeks to 20 weeks.

nice, right?

but because it’s the military (and john is just about as low on the food chain as they come at this point) you really don’t find out any information. ever. so he asked me to do a little research while he asked the liaison what was going on.

my little bit of research pretty much just pissed me off. from what i gather, they wont really extend your time after they tell you how long your training will be. THEY’LL JUST KEEP YOU ON BASE UNTIL THEY’RE READY. one dude i read about has been in this “underhold” status for SIX MONTHS waiting for his training to start. SIX MONTHS. OF DOING NOTHING. ON BASE. HOURS AWAY FROM FAMILY.

right now we’re just hoping it’s just the rumor we think it is. because neither of us are excited about the idea of being separated for  longer than we need to be at this point.


Brandy said...

Wendy, I've been keeping up with you. I understand having your husband away at basic training. What is his MOS? Where is he going to to his AIT training? Eli waited 2 weeks between basic and AIT, which isn't bad. But he graduated basic without knowing when he was going to be able to get into his AIT class. It was utterly frustrating.

wendy said...

Hey! He's at 14J (something with the air ;)), and ait is supposed to also be at fort sill. It's supposed to start immediately after he graduates...but who knows!