Sunday, June 13, 2010



after becoming (painfully) unemployed a couple weeks ago, i decided that it was the perfect time to GET THINGS DONE. you know. like laundry. and dishes. and moving stacks of books from one shelf to another with a critical eye.

my success rate so far on my venture? not so good.

but i swear it isn’t my fault.

instead, i have photographic evidence of WHO the real culprits are.


a small child eating meatloaf whilst watching a Veggie Tales film.


a small child swimming.


a small (cannibalistic) child.


he got it from his mama.


a small dog invading the personal bubble.

after viewing those (graphic) photos…can you blame me and my lack of “doneness”?

i think not.

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jordy liz said...

i stopped by your blog from marriage confessions comments and love it! i'll make sure to keep reading. :) i'm a newlywed as well so it's fun to read about other's journeys.