Wednesday, June 2, 2010

i wear my sunglasses at night

tonight (after leaving my parents’ house), i had a hankering for some sherbet. (sidenote…do you say sherBERT or sherBIT?). so i pulled into the fancy schmancy wal-mart in our small town to run in and soothe my desire.

for those who are unaware, i live in the city NEXT to the city that is the world headquarter’s for wal-mart. (another sidenote, but i’m FROM the city that’s the world’s largest chicken distributor. i’m a big deal). this time every year, from bentonville to fayetteville, thousands upon thousands of shareholders invade our area for activities, tours…all the usual. besides a lot of regular folks, big name musicians perform free concerts and there are A LOT OF CELEBRITIES in the area.

imagine my surprise while walking to the ice cream aisle when i saw


um, stock photo because there were some REALLY big and scary men around him.

yup, that’s right, jamie foxx was in the local wal-mart filming a commercial about something. i was sort of awestruck when i was tapped on the shoulder by some man wearing a suit and a blue-tooth headset. he said something about being jamie’s “people” and that jamie was looking for a co-star for his newest film. i started to get really flattered and all “no no no, well, okay!” when he said that the co-star needed to be a one year old white boy. apparently the character is a one year old white child that jamie foxx’s character is teaching to be a world class assassin.

jonas starts filming next month.

OKAY. WHATEVER. so that really didn’t happen. BUT jamie foxx really was there in wal-mart.

so was this guy:


um, obviously not a stock photo because there weren’t any big and scary men around him.

i mean…really? are you really riding a segway in wal-mart? with gold rims? i sort of tried to brush the oddness out of my mind, but that was total ruined when i saw him getting an order of chicken wings at the deli counter on my way out.

and that is NOT made up. it’s too good to be a lie.


ness said...

Get out!

I love seeing famous people doing ordinary things.

And I don't care what Erin Virtue says, that doesn't include the Duggars.

Dunks said...

O how I miss NWA this time of year!