Saturday, June 26, 2010



jonas in happier times.

so, um. jonas bangs his head. and i’m trying to not be all MY CHILD IS AUTISTIC because apparently like 30% of kids bang their heads? and boys are like a million times more likely to do it? and it should wear off by age 3? but i need to talk to the doctor if it hasn’t by then? it’s normal?

yeah. i’ve not panicked at ALL about this. and it’s not so much a panic as it is RESEARCH EVERYTHING possible because it cannot feel good to crouch above the ground and drive your head onto it. over. and over. and over.

he normally just does it when he’s really frustrated. like, you know, when i’m the meanest mommy on earth for not letting him play with my laptop. or that time when he tripped over his own feet? or once when i made him wait upstairs in his room while i refilled a sippy cup with milk.

i think it’s hitting me hard that we’re officially entering the toddler zone. he can’t communicate what it is he wants/emotions/needs. when i’m not “getting it” (or he’s not getting his way), there’s a little flailing, a little dramatic crying, and some good old headbanging.

sometimes, i lose my patience.

but i really have been trying to let him get the frustration out, pick him up when he’s done, and talk to him calmly (as possible) about how i understand how hard it is, that i’m sorry that i don’t understand what it was he was wanting/why he can’t have or do what he wanted, and that we will figure it out. he calms down, is able to breathe again, and usually perks right up. i know that he really has no idea what i’m saying, but i figure that if i keep doing it eventually he will? maybe.

and if not, then i just leave the room and bang my head on the floor.

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Yvonne said...

This is too funny. My grandson is soon to be 16 months old. He also has started to be a headbanger. He does it when he is frustrated or mad. Perhaps if they both keep doing it we can put them in a rock band and no one will notice :)