Tuesday, June 15, 2010

good v. evil

my parents (unfairly) are in vegas right now. living it up. being high rollers. early-bird buffets at 4pm.

so when i heard about the details of their trip, i decided to be SUPER DAUGHTER. which for me really just means that i offered to drive them to the airport and pick them up so that they wouldn’t have to pay any fines.

oh. and one more thing.

i offered to “dog”sit.

meet sebastian, my little brother.


he’s a bichon frise. which i think is french for “whiney and spoiled”. in all honesty, i love this little dog. he truly IS a good dog. he’s just a little high maintenance.

he doesn’t do a lot of outside time, he rings a bell to let you know he needs to potty, he likes A LOT OF PILLOWS, your food will always be the food he wants, and he barks.

a lot.

i am apparently just stupid because i went into this 4 day long venture thinking that everything would be a-okay. that sebastian would spend the majority of time with me, sleep in my bed at night (“NO, mom and dad! no need for a kennel!”), and zeusy would just handle it. do his outside thing like he usually does. whatever.

I WAS SO WRONG. because zeus has BEEN ALL UP IN MY BUSINESS for the past couple of days. i can’t leave him outside because he’s overcome with jealousy. and jealousy in his world means BARKING. ALL OF THE TIME. and SITTING ON MY HEAD. A LOT.

the biggest issue has been night time. zeusy normally either sleeps outside OR sleeps on the floor in our room. he just sheds too much to really be in bed unless its a special occasion (like, the night john left). so imagine my NOT SO HAPPY FACE when i spent my entire night sandwiched between two dogs, each vying for my attention. sebastian took the left side and zeusy took the right. throughout the night they’d each make several passes OVER MY BODY to see what was going on on the other side.

it’s like the most epic battle of good v. evil. and they’re winning.

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