Thursday, June 24, 2010

death by cheddar pepper

yesterday i had an hankering for cheddar peppers. from the sonic. it was almost more than a hankering but an internal desire that i MUST HAVE THE CHEDDAR PEPPERS.

so i pulled my butt into sonic and got some.

if you’ve been to my house, you know that we live a little ways out. not too far, but just far enough that the delicious fried peppery smell was driving me crazy.

i looked at the bag, which was practically TAUNTING me with its greasy goodness and decided that eating just one little cheddar delight wouldn’t hurt anything.

oh, how wrong i was.

because immediately after biting into the cheddar pepper morsel i not only realized that the ENTIRE pepper was dangling from my mouth but SWEET LAWSIE the cheddar was BURNING A HOLE INTO THE ROOF OF MY MOUTH. QUICKLY.

my vision started to cloud with tears and i might have dramatically coughed loudly a few times when i heard it.

the train. and i was just crossing the tracks.

and then i decided that THIS WAS IT. I WAS GOING TO DIE. (not to be confused with the other time i died. or something). the headline would read:


i quickly regained my composure while jonas looked equal parts confused and like he was pooping his pants. fast food kills, man.

*who are we kidding? angelina would KILL for my looks.

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Amy said...

Hi, I just came to your blog through MWOP and want to let you know you have a beautiful family. Your little guys is seriously adorable with a capital A! and this post made me literally laugh out loud. I'm glad you lived and saw the bloggy potential of this story!