Saturday, May 29, 2010


alas, i am a woman scorned.

by who? by an etsy seller. theBabyMoon to be precise. you may find yourself wandering over to etsy right now to see that her site NO LONGER EXISTS, which is awfully convenient when she has stolen money (albeit only $30) from me. but i’m just a small fish in a very large pond, it seems. because there are other ladies…20 PLUS other ladies who have given this woman hundreds and hundreds, possibly near a thousand dollars…with no product in return.

so when you’re a former etsy-seller on the lamb, you might think it wise to make it where you know, people can’t find your personal information on social media websites, julie bass morris. because now that i know you live in tifton, georgia i just might be contacting the other scorned buyers from etsy and giving a little call to the local police department.

you know, if i was like that.

oh, wait. i am.

so thanks to you facebook, for allowing me to have additonal, vital pieces to my puzzle against this bad etsy woman.


Silvy said...

get her, wendy!! :)

Alli said...

AWESOME!! Keep us updated!

Sabrina said...

Hello Wendy my name is Sabrina. THEBABYMOON from Etsy took $250!!! from me and I AM LIVID! Can you please contact me via facebook.!/profile.php?id=18911099
I'm seriously considering taking legal action and I'd like to know what you know and what happened to you! Thank you Wendy. I'm not really familiar with this site and only joined to add this comment if you need to contact me, you can at

Don't be confused by the name. Thank you!!!

Stephanie said...

Hi Wendy, I just wanted to let you know that I ran across your old blog while searching for information on this woman Julie Bass. She is still scamming people. She has an etsy shop named "FourCharms" you can look at the feedback now, it is overrun with people who never got their items. I found out her name from my PayPal dispute and then googled her and saw she did this last year to you. She must be a professional scammer. Anyway, if you ever found out any more info on her, I would love to hear about it.

You can contact me at Congrats on the LO on the way! I have a 10 month old feels like only I was huge and preggo.