Thursday, May 6, 2010


it's been SO BEAUTIFUL the past few days! even though some of the nights have been hard on me, the sunshine makes it a little better.

OOH!! and i've received letters from john the PAST TWO days! which just makes me all a flutter inside. i hope that he has been able to get my letters so far--he said that it's supposed to take longer for our letters to get to him and hardly anytime for his to get to me. i've pooooouuuuuuuureeeeeeeed over these letters (4 in all), reading every word several times.

AND PRAISE BE TO THE TINY BABY JESUS, but my counters are just about done. i'm painting the wooden edge tomorrow morningish, and then we're DONE. take a look for yourself!

the walls are turquoise and the cabinets are yellow :). it's a little strange for most people, but it makes me seriously happy. i'm getting all chrome switchplate covers, too. i just need to exchange an extra box of tile for those and some paint!

i also bought a new clock and organizational stand thingie...when the house is DONE completely, i hope that i can have the ladies from church over for some sort of brunchie/lunchie thing!

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