Sunday, May 9, 2010



4238_608716899497_20603615_36177149_1940482_njonas taking a nap at 24 hours old.n20603615_36215755_6174983jonas taking a nap at one week old.

we did it. we were able to successfully keep you alive for AN ENTIRE YEAR. if that simple fact itself isn’t enough for celebration, then i don’t know what is. because seriously, there have been times when i figured that one of the three of us would wind up dead. i mean, look at you. you’ve gone from this tiny little baby to this HUGE MAN CHILD. you’re no poster child for Feed the Children.


there are times when i just watch you (instead of letting you play with the kitchen knives, of course). but all kidding aside, there are times when all i can do is just sit and stare at you. i’m sure you think i’m being a creeper or something. whatever. you are just so incredible to watch.

i love watching your mind work. you are such a bright little boy. you love to figure out the mechanics behind everything. you NEED to know how this or that works. you NEED to experience that.

you have brought a new appreciation of this world that i never 26371_673539025437_20603615_38481853_4529352_n quite knew. everything is quite brand new to you. you are literally experiencing rain for the first time. snow. the feel of grass between your fingers. puppy kisses. wiggly worms. the wind on your face. the sun warming your skin. and because of you, jonas…we get to share those moments. those firsts. you have shown me the complete wonder of God in ways i never remembered.

you have 12 teeth. and knock on wood, i think that we’re done for a little while. you’ve been drinking whole milk for a month or so now, and you love it. you wear a size 4 diaper and a size 5 shoe.

30702_677036920627_20603615_38581074_3456025_n you have this way of squishing your entire face when you’re super pleased about something. its like your face isn’t big enough for your smile…and it all just gets so wrinkly and cute and oh my goodness i can’t stand it.

you also have developed preferences. at least once during every30702_677036940587_20603615_38581078_4289825_n meal you refuse to let us feed you with the spoon or fork. instead, YOU need to do it yourself. and that’s okay. we love the way macaroni and cheese accents our laminate floors. and the rug. and the wall. and my hair.

this year, your birthday was the day before mother’s day. i’m going to be honest, i’ve been bummed that this year was going to be the second year in a row to not receive a gift on mother’s day. last year i was all hopped up on percocet (thanks, doc!) and your daddy was all OMG WE HAVE A BABY CHILD PERSON LIVING IN OUR HOUSE, so mother’s day was sort of a blur. and this one? well, your daddy is at basic training. BUT JONAS. you gave me the perfect gift.28925_676404992017_20603615_38561040_6058915_n because today, my friend was the day you decided to walk. and i cried. because that’s what i do. and THEN your daddy called and we talked on the phone for a couple of hours while your grandparents wrangled you. and then i cried again. because that’s what i do.

jonas, we love you. in fact…there are SO MANY people who love you. people of all shapes, sizes, colors, religions, educational backgrounds and walks of life. i walk into church, and you are TAKEN from me. you’re like a magnet for older kids, and i can understand the attraction to you. you are light. you radiate this joy and i can’t look at you and NOT SMILE. you are love.

you have taught us so much this past year. we have become better people because of YOU. jonas, please always know that you are loved. always.

with all of our love and joy,

mommy and daddy

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