Thursday, May 27, 2010


today has been a really, really bad day. a bad day that rounded out an already really, really bad week. long story cut very, very short- i lost my job today. and i’m honestly really not okay with it. at all. because it’s really nice to not have gainful employment when you have just bought a house and your husband isn’t anywhere near you to give you a hug or dry your little tears.

oh, and that husband doesn’t know that i am no longer employed. which is awesome. because i’m so looking forward to spending my time during our weekly phone call explaining what happened, interrupted by tears and at&t’s uncanny ability to drop our calls every 45 seconds.

i’m really trying hard to see the positive in this. because there are honestly some good things that have come from this, which include:

  • leaving an environment that left me frustrated on more days than not
  • i won’t have to touch dirty dentures anymore (even though i always wore gloves…icky)
  • hoping to experience things NOT in a family run small business
  • we have enough money to cover our bills for a good little bit

of course, all of that silver lining sort of gets demolished by the ole’ I DON’T HAVE A JOB ANYMORE OMG NOT BY CHOICE mental screaming that’s going on between my ears.

do you want to know the funny thing about this all (and of course you’re saying “yes, yes!”)? i totally was going to write a post last about how SUCKY it was to work where i did only because of a certain “female dog” that was there…but didn’t because i was afraid of getting “dooce’d”.  and i still wont go there, because that’s just too much negative energy for me to handle right now.

so, i’ve been unemployed for about 5 hours now. i’ve filled out several applications already, and am looking up on how to file unemployment.



ness said...

oh girl.

I'm so sorry.

That sucks.

Leslye Bourquin said...

I'm sorry sorry Wendy! (this happened to me 3 months ago, and i just re-entered the working world a few weeks ago) Soo....if you need any tips on how to enjoy (and survive) the unemployment-brigade, let me know!!

Alli said...

So sorry to hear that!! Things will work out, but I know it's hard to see that when in your in the fat middle of a mess. :( Hang in there!