Friday, May 21, 2010

around here lately

i have been BUSTING my butt trying to get our house together. i'm not very good at it, decorating does NOT come naturally to me, and i've found that my style is weird enough that i don't have any friends to ask for advice. but i'm on a semi-deadline...i think the gals from church are brunching here in june, and while john doesn't come home until mid to late september, i want everything looking amazing and homey and such. my grandparents and parents are coming over in the morning to help me mow, organize the garage and guestroom/office, and i think my closet? but i might have lied about that last part. i did request a TALLLLLLLLLLL ladder though because wouldn't you know that the only lightbulbs that have gone out in our house are the ones that are like 12 feet in the air? figures.

jonas is a big help. you know, doing handmotions to 'twinkle, twinkle little star' and quacking like a duck, as well as "vrooooming" and his new trick today? his chewbacca impression. it's insane how much he sounds like a wookie. AND how loud he can do it in public. and lately he's been doing the whole LET'S FART REALLY LOUD IN PUBLIC AND EMBARASS MOMMY. it's one of his favorite games, evah. and then he's all like, MOM. (because he actually does say MOM to me. awesome.) and then he tries to feed himself and i didn't even realize you could get turkey stew THERE.

i miss john a lot, a lot. but on sundays we get to talk for most of the afternoon on the phone EXCEPT WHEN AT&T SUCKS AND DROPS OUR CALL FOR THE 358th TIME IN A ROW so we resort to textin'. not to be confused with sextin'. because that's kind of ickyish. and we write letters like penpals in 4th grade. it's so sweet and lovely and i cherish and POUR over each letter we get from him. and i know he does the same.

AND WTF IS UP WITH THE EARTHQUAKES? srsly, we live in ARKANSAS. we don't have oceans, beautiful beaches, flawless weather...we have to endure HUGE mosquitos and endless ants. there are skunks and ticks and chiggars. we have tornadoes, huge hail storms, and way too many ultra conservative republicans. all of these things we endure. OUR ONE PERK WAS NO EARTHQUAKES! and that, that is gone. i missed experiencing the first one a month ago. but i got to feel this last bad boy. and yes, you may say it was only a 2.6 and that is NOTHING. but my retort?


and i just looked outside the back screen door to see two little puppy feet high (well, as possible for a corgi) in the air as he takes another nap.

that should say enough right there.

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