Thursday, April 22, 2010


so yesterday i was feeling down. my husband was in route to basic training (he finally made it this morning at 2!), and i was all blah. and then i looked in the mirror. and saw frida kahlo looking back at me.

not really.
but it was close.

apparently i had abandoned any sort of brow work for the past, oh, decade? atleast that's what it looked like. and since we've moved? i can't find anything. like tweazers. or stuff.

so jonas and i loaded up and headed to wal-mart. where i then bought myself silly with brow maintainence gear. i even bought more brow wax, because it was SO MUCH FUN THE LAST TIME. and one of those 134971958715x magnification mirrors. you know the ones? where you look at it and wonder why you even bought it in the first place?

yeah. i meant business.

so while jonas took a LONNNNNNNNNNNNG nap (like 2 hrs. woot), i tackled the 'pilars. and tackled them. and really put off tweazing my right eyebrow because it hurts more than the left. and then i'd wax a little. and cry. and then tweaze some more. then i busted out the scissors and trimmed. i actually think i did this for the entire 2 hours jonas was asleep.

it probably shouldn't have taken that long, but i REALLY HATE PAIN, so i end up wincing before i actually pluck a hair and then in the middle of it all i had to google why some hairs had black gooey tips (it's melanin!) and then i had to ponder what would happen it i tweazed zeus.

and then i wonder if i have ADHD.

but i finished. and while they aren't good by any sort of means, they are BETTER. and that's all we can really hope for, right?

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