Thursday, April 1, 2010

this is no april fool's.

so as you more than know, john and i (plus GIANT EVIL GENIUS BABY) have been moving. and we're done! moving! YAY! john took one for the team and finished the ENTIRE old house himself, and i'm slowly whittlin' away at unpacking the new house.

one of my more charming characteristics is that i cannot focus on one task for more than, oh...20 minutes. unless it involves watching old episodes of degrassi. and then i'm unstopable for HOURS. so i'll unpack a box/fill a cabinet, and then go to another room for another task.

i can tell that john really loves this quality about me.

anyway, the main "side project" that i've been handling the past couple of days is recovering THE chair. THE chair was a gift from my mom that she picked up at a yard sale when i first moved 4 years ago? i think? am i that old? i've personally recovered it several times with various colors and fabrics--for whatever really suited my needs. so moving into a new house was no exception--it needed a facelift.

if you've never recovered a piece of furniture, it involves (atleast for me) about 1.4 million staples from my handy dandy staple gun. after two days of stapling, you start to get really sore.

cut to last night.

wendy: man, meat pad is SO sore!
john: your what?
wendy: my meat pad on my hand! ouchies!
john: (holding back giggles): your meat pad?
wendy: omg, yes. my meat pad, are you deaf? it hurts so bad. i think i bruised it!

john: you mean your palm?
wendy: it's not my palm, its the meat pad. you know, around the thumb base?
john: um, it's still your palm.
wendy: it's the MEAT PAD. OMG, john. it's what it's called.
john: no.

wendy: don't dogs have meat pads?
john: i think they're just called paws or pads.

wendy: oh.

yes, apparently i'm just that big of an idiot. there's no foolin' with that.

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