Thursday, April 29, 2010


before i heave my body into bed, i can't NOT recap this day. let's start from the top, shall we?

*wake up early! no crying baby! happy baby! we leave house 10 minutes early!
*we find ourselves stuck in traffic for 30 minutes (just 1 minute from our house) because someone's care decided to catch on fire.
*almost to work, jonas starts puking! yay! first it's clear, then it's yellow! (it's okay, just sinus junk, and the doc gave him the all clear)
*important lunch order for work from panera in fayetteville. get back to office with lunch order. the two lunches that ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT ARE MISSING. call panera and tell them to bring it to me. STAT.
*EARTHQUAKE!? in benton county? akldjfoiancacinaec;?
* i drop patient's case pan on the floor. dentures go flying.
* leave work. afraid will run out gas before getting to grandparents' house to retrieve jonas.
*make it to grandparents' house. get child. leave grandparents' house. afraid wont make it to gas station.
*make it to gas station. PTL (that's praise the lord for all you haterzzz).
*drive home.
*realize that there's a man swerving all over 540 RIGHT BEHIND ME. i get behind him. CALL 911! he's reported! but then OMG HE EXITS! CALL 911 AGAIN! follow him to his home. realize there's TWO other cars behind me doing the exact same thing.
*get home. eat fried chicken. check email. BABY'S CRIB IS RECALLED!
*load up baby and get pack-n-play from parents' house.
*come home. whine on blog. et al.

yeah. like i said on my facebook status (shout out!): of all the Charlie Browns in the world, today I'm the Charlie Brown-est of all.

i think what (seriously) is best about this whole day is that after every single thing, i just laughed*. because (srsly) what else could i do?

*except for the drunk driver on the interstate. duh.

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ness said...

I love weird days best of all. I got a check from Malaysia yesterday and took the kids for camp physicals. It was delightfully weird.