Monday, April 26, 2010

shoot me.

or atleast, for the love of Pete, someone shoot my left ear off. because i’m super cool and have an ear infection.

or something.

and at this point the pain of being ear-less due to a firearm sounds more appealing that 5 more minutes of this throbbing, itching, COMPLETELY DEAF in one ear life.



Alli said...

When I had my ear infection a couple of years ago, I wanted to sit down and cry, not because I was in so much pain, but because I realized what my babies must go through every time THEY get ear infections. All my kids have had at least 2 of them. :(

bethany said...

I hear you, no pun intended ... I think the worst pain I ever had was an ear infection, absolutely horrible ... worse than 2 natural births!! Hope it goes away quickly ... sympathies.