Tuesday, April 6, 2010

mom jeans.

i’ve mentioned before that jonas is almost oddly independent for a baby. he’s thrown fits because i wasn’t catching on that he wanted to use the spoon to feed himself. he gets overcome with glee when he accomplishes something all by himself.

this evening i was giving jonas a bath, and he was REALLY enjoying himself. he was “talking” to his cop rubber duckie, laughing when i poured water over his head, and had a blast sliding around on his bottom in the water.

and then came the splashing. oh, the splashing. he loves it. and he was getting really into it, smacking his palm against the top of the water. at some points he was on one knee, both hands flying, creating his own waterwork show to a song playing in his mind.

it looked like fun. so much fun, in fact, that i decided to join in. so i took one hand and lightly smacked the water. and i did it again and again, really starting to have some fun with it.

jonas stopped splashing. and he gave the death stare to my hand. AND THEN HE PHYSICALLY REMOVED MY HAND FROM THE WATER and continued to splash solo.

i thought it had to be a fluke, but after the third round of rejection, i got the hint.


my gosh, am i wearing mom jeans or something? i thought i had another decade or so before i was totally uncool.

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