Monday, April 12, 2010

le chair.

when i first moved out several years ago, my mom found a retro chair that she knew i would love, if i could look past the golden harvest velvet fabric that covered it.

and i could.

and it was love. complete love.

the chair had SUCH a good structure that i went to town and covered it in a heavy quilted aqua fabric. and when john and i got married and moved into our rental house? i just slapped some yellow fabric on top of that.

so when we moved again to OUR home, i knew that it was going to need another facelift. for months (and i wish i was kidding, but...yeah, not so much) i scoured the internet for inspiration. i actually just wanted to forgo the original chair and buy something like this:

which is beautiful. and ideal. and from target BECAUSE I LURVE TARGET. and oh, cost $299. with tax. and shipping. and after not even THINKING about telling john about it because why waste my breath, my mom and i went shopping for fabric to recover the original chair.

and if you can't tell...that's the exact same fabric. the colors look different, but that's just the lighting and the crappy iPhone pic quality. but for about 50 bucks total (including the price of the chair), this is what graces our living room.

john now refers to it as the "three hundred dollar chair" with pride.

psshaw. people give martha stewart wayyyy too much credit. this stuff is easy.

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Shana said...

I love it! Totally worth the "$300", ha!