Wednesday, April 21, 2010


yesterday john and i drove to little rock to drop him off so that he could be shipped to lawton, oklahoma today. only it's 24 hrs later and 1 bus trip and 2 plane rides later he's still stuck in OKC, waiting for a bus to pick him up so he can head to basic.

i've been absolutely delighted that we've been able to text back and forth essentially all day today. it's been such a nice way to ease into this "new normal". in fact, yesterday itself was easy. yes, we both cried a little bit in the hotel lobby when we parted. but aside from that, we were so calm.

i highly believe in the power of prayer. i know that right now there are so many friends, family members, church members thinking and praying for our family. for the past few months i've left a prayer request in the basket at church. it usually consisted of the same thing:

please pray that john will find comfort, strength, and focus while he prepares for his departure. please pray that jonas and i find comfort, strength, and peace while we prepare for this transition.

and yesterday was that in every sense. we were at peace while jonas and i were entered into the military system. while i had my military id made. while we gathered the last items john needed. while john packed his things. while we went to the pd to drop off his car. while we went over the contacts in my phone. while we drove. and drove. and drove.

it's reassuring to me that john's job at the police department is such a brotherhood. i have the phone numbers of a dozen men i can call at any hour if there is anything i need. his lt. told me to call if there was every anything, even the smallest of things, that i needed help with while john was gone. anything at all.

i then responded that some night i wake up wanting a slurpee.
and he said that slurpee drop-offs could be arranged.


so today, i miss my husband. and tomorrow, i'll miss my husband. and the day after that? the week after that? the month after that?...i'll miss my husband.

but tomorrow, i'll also wake up. play with my baby. go to work. talk with friends and family. tell zeus to get off the bed. eat some ice cream. watch my shows. check the mail. build a fence. play outside. and breathe.


Silvy said...

wendy i am so proud of you for being willing to take care of jonas by yourself for several months. i cannot imagine how difficult that is, but i am sure it will make you that much more excited when john comes home.

on a totally different note, i saw you put ads on your site--how are you liking them? i've thought about putting some on mine but wanted your opinion. hope you have a great night!

Alli said...