Sunday, April 11, 2010



this past thursday you turned ELEVEN months old.

because of reasons that i’ll explain later, we had your birthday party on saturday…a month early! you had so much fun with all of your family and friends who could make it to celebrate your life.


and like a true alexander, you faced your cake and made it cry. you get your eating skillz from your daddy.

after skillfully crafting your birthday cake, decorating it with love…well, it didn’t take you long to demolish it. and who knew that you’d have aqua geen poop the next day! that’s a special treat for anyone, and let me tell you how amazing it felt that you picked ME to change the rainbow poop diaper. seriously. awesome.

jonas, you are getting ready to walk. like seriously, aside from climbing the stairs and eating copious amounts of brightly colored processed sugar, you LOVE to stand up and take a few steps here and there. your grandma mentioned that your daddy didn’t walk until 14 months…but i have a feeling by your ACTUAL birthday we’ll be running after you.

oh. and yeah. you have 12 teeth. wtf. ALL OF YOUR MOLARS decided to come and play. at once. along with the last incisor. it’s awesome.

i’ve hid all of your bottles. now, there is one that we use ONLY if necessary, but aside from those few times, you’ve been bottle free.


you LOVE anything that has wheels. and if you can tip it over and spin the wheel with your hand? HEAVEN. it cracks me up, because you’ll actually spend 15 solid minutes looking at every single possible angle, and spin the wheel. you can see your quickly expanding brain working double-time, trying to figure everything out.

jonas, there is so much more that i could write about. the new way you smile and laugh, the way you “bark” at zeusy (or solo at 3am), your strong will, your dimples, your incredible hair, or your super fat feet. i could go on and on and on…and i will.

you are the source of so much happiness, joy, and pride. we are so proud of you, jonas. we love you in a way i could never explain or understand before you were here.

but you ARE here. and you are amazing.



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ness said...

there is so much of mothering that you do so well...and one of the best things you seem to have a good grasp on is just enjoying your baby. I was always so worried about perfection, I missed a lot as it whizzed by me and my babies turned into kids. I love that when you wrote about his birthday, you wrote about Jonas and not how perfect the cake was. You are doing a great job. Kudos to you.