Thursday, March 18, 2010


so jonas has been holding steady at 7 teeth for some time now. and it's cool. he looks good with only 3 lower incisors. really. but to be honest, i've been waiting on this last bad boy to BUST through so i could then begin to mentally prepare for the molars that should show up when he's closer to one year.

(jonas with his aunt "dubya" at her wedding in january).

except that i forgot that our monster is a freak of baby nature. and so while i've been waiting oh so patiently for his last incisor, the molar(s) appeared. like overnight.

does anyone else think that this is totally crap?

yesterday one molar cut through, and on the opposing side, another waits. i'm pretty positive that it'll break through the tissue sometime today if it hasn't already.

that brings the count up to NINE teeth.
and brings the eagle eyes (and fingers) of moi searching for that last incisor.


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Stephanie said...

he's just the cutest baby i've ever seen. and with yall as parents... of COURSE he's going to be advanced like that! :)