Tuesday, March 23, 2010

men at work

okay, really it's more like "man at work while woman chases giant baby up the stairs". and whose bright idea was it to allow us to buy a house that has STAIRS. because the STAIRS are the best thing in the world, and if the door upSTAIRS is open at all, then someone (who will remain nameless, but just a hint, he still poops himself) makes a beeline for the STAIRS. STAIRS.

anyway, here's a sneak peek of the house in progress. it's actually a little bit more finished than these pictures show, but um, i was tired? or lazy? or eating goldfish crackers?

this is the kitchen. duh. so i know what you're thinking...EASTER EGG! or THIS IS AFTER PAINTING? and yes. yes it is. to both. yes, the cabinets are yellow. yes, the walls are turquoise. BUT. just invision a black and white checkerboard backsplash with a white countertop? and our chrome fridge where that step ladder is? yeah? see...it's not so bad, and heck, it's even FUN.

here's our bedroom. 1.5 walls are painted this greeny color that looks yellow but i swear isn't. and the other 2.5 walls are gray. this is hands down our favorite room in the house. period. it's just so...calm. and modern. but not forced. whatever.
downstairs and upstairs bathrooms, respectively. i stained the original bleached wood cabinets espresso, and john painted the bathroom downstairs "vintage aqua" or some crazy crap like that, and the upstairs with the leftover gray from our bedroom. we were sort of limited with the colors for the upstairs bathroom because of the BRIGHT BLUE TILE. i'm actually digging the tile, but again, it made it hard. because my life is tough.
the living room. i stained the mantle and john put together these two little bookcases. they're now filled with books and other things and it makes life much better. we love books. a nerdy cop married to a former nerdy history major yields A LOT OF BOOKS. glancing at our shelves you'll find david sedaris to cop survival tactics to velvet elvis to books about pidgin languages to computer programming to philosophy to poop books to the beatles.
what can i say? we're intellectuals.
anyway, that's the long and short of it. i haven't taken photos of the monster's room yet or anything else noteworthy. but we have DEER. in our BACKYARD. NEAR US. and that's pretty neat.

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