Tuesday, March 16, 2010


i'm alive.


so here's the scoop. john and i are closing on a house on march 26th (NEXT FRIDAY OMG), and the current owner is absolutely awesome. because she's so awesome, she's allowed us to have the keys early to start moving things in/paint/cause general chaos.

and we've been doing just that. we couldn't really move a whole lot prior to this past weekend because dude, we drive a vw beetle and a hyundai sonata and oh, we have a TEN MONTH OLD GIANT EVIL GENIUS. my grandparents have a truck/trailer that we all use whenever movin' time rolls around, and they happen to be leaving for california THIS saturday, not to return until the following weekend.

so it was literally this weekend or not at all. and i don't know about you, but i like some of my stuff.

we spent friday, saturday, and sunday ALL DAY LONG at the new house. i spent most of my time taping, sanding, painting, and staining anything that was nailed down. and whose BRIGHT IDEA WAS IT TO PAINT THE CABINETS YELLOW? HELLO? oh. yeah. it was me. so that's been fun. and it's also subjected me to daily texts from john that sort of look like this:

OMG. $(^*#@$! paint! $^&* these cabinets. #@&* THEM!

only there's actual bad words instead of silly symbols there. but wouldn't it be awesome if bad words actually sounded like silly symbols!?

needless to say (but i will anyway), my hands are stained espresso because i failed to learn the lesson that stain is named STAIN for a reason, i have yellow (and blue) paint in places i didn't even know were exposed. and my thighs burn. oh, they burn.

BUT, it's coming together. very nicely. i can't wait.


Alli said...

Congratulations! We closed on our first house on March 26, 2004. :)

wendy said...

Ack! That's too funny! :)