Wednesday, March 3, 2010


i really didn't expect to loose any weight while going meat-less for Lent, and actually expected to gain some weight from the slight influx of carbs. and i thought that that was pretty accurate because when i stepped on the scale last week it was about 5 pounds higher than what it usually is.

and then i had a small panic attack.

and then i realized that it was THAT TIME where mother nature tortures women worldwide, which reminded me that i always gain a few pounds of lovely fluid retention during that time.

so this morning was the real test. i hadn't been on the scale in a week. and wasn't optimistic. at all.

but it was about 3 pounds lighter than was it usually is! and then i gave myself a high five. which really just looks like i'm clapping badly.

i've made some yummy meals like spicy black bean burgers. i've had more raw fruits and veggies than humanly possible to consume. i've had a LOT of beans. but one of my favorite little jewels? oh, it's just the simply delightful avocado and honey sandwich on whole wheat bread.

OMG. i'm not even kidding. if you like honey and avocado at all, you have to try this. soooooo tasty. i had it last night for dinner, and i'm doing it again for lunch today!



Alli said...

Avocado and honey? Seriously? I might be breaking out the avocados I bought today for dinner! I make avocado and banana mash for Evie all the time (and I sneak bites when no one's looking)...that's actually pretty tasty.

Have you tried some of the MorningStar brand veggie items? Hubby's trying to lose weight and had the veggie chick'n (not chicken) grillers. Today I bought him the spicy black bean burgers...not sure how he'll like those.

wendy said...

I haven't tried the morning star products yet, but it sounds like I need to!

And oh man, I love black bean burgers. Love them. They're really easy to make yourself, too. I'm not sure how pre-made ones are, but I can't imagine them not being tasty!