Monday, March 29, 2010

and yes, i'm 87 years old.

so this past week my grandparents (who watch jonas for us while we are at work) went to sunny, beautiful yorba linda, california to visit family. and they didn't even have the decency to ask ME if i wanted to go. the nerve.
i could really use the sun.
anyway, while they were out of town, jonas stayed with my mom and dad (because it was spring break and my mom is a teacher). i've been looking forward to last week for a while because my parents actually live halfway between our house and work. so in theory i could drop him off easily on my way to work, and then just zip back up that way once i was off.
of course, you should notice that i said in theory.
the first day went off without a hitch. i dropped him off, went to work, then picked him back up.
tuesday...was a different story. there i was, minding my own business, just driving the car while getting near my exit for work.
and then i heard it.
a familiar giggle.
from the backseat.
of my car.
i'm pretty sure i actually said, "what are you doing there?"
and then i turned around, dropped him off, turned around and went to work.
everyone laughed and it was cute and such.
atleast that time i caught myself before passing their city completely.
i just missed their exit.
i'm just going to sit down, turn on my shows, and eat some fiber. because apparently that's where my life is quickly, quickly heading.

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Candance said...

I clicked on your title on the Blogher thing on my page and this post cracked me up!! So glad I'm not the only one that does stuff like that.