Sunday, March 21, 2010


the painting, it is finished. the packing, not so much.

you never really remember how delirious non-stop paint fumes, stain fumes, and moving can make you. like today when i checked the mail. and then made john check it again later in the afternoon. and then almost got upset because the mailman ignored his oath and didn’t trudge through the snow to deliver my junk mail.

and then i realized it was sunday. but i didn’t tell john. whew.

oh yeah, you read that right. snow. how the hell did we (in arkansas) manage to get about 10 inches dumped on us saturday and sunday when on FRIDAY it was 70 degrees? and the forecast for tuesday? upper 60s.

that just proves global warming. so stick that in your pipe and smoke it, naysayers.


anyway. i’m nuts.

jonas is spending spring break at his grammie’s house (because his great grandma is out of town). he packed some sunblock, his swim trunks, and mentioned something about judging a wet diaper contest. he keeps sticking both hands in the air and shouting “SPRING BREAK 2010!!!! FOREVA!!!!!” and mutters things like “ what happens at grammie’s house stays at grammie’s house”.

i don’t have the heart to tell him that she just lives 15 minutes away.


and 219? what a beautiful number.

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