Monday, March 29, 2010

and yes, i'm 87 years old.

so this past week my grandparents (who watch jonas for us while we are at work) went to sunny, beautiful yorba linda, california to visit family. and they didn't even have the decency to ask ME if i wanted to go. the nerve.
i could really use the sun.
anyway, while they were out of town, jonas stayed with my mom and dad (because it was spring break and my mom is a teacher). i've been looking forward to last week for a while because my parents actually live halfway between our house and work. so in theory i could drop him off easily on my way to work, and then just zip back up that way once i was off.
of course, you should notice that i said in theory.
the first day went off without a hitch. i dropped him off, went to work, then picked him back up.
tuesday...was a different story. there i was, minding my own business, just driving the car while getting near my exit for work.
and then i heard it.
a familiar giggle.
from the backseat.
of my car.
i'm pretty sure i actually said, "what are you doing there?"
and then i turned around, dropped him off, turned around and went to work.
everyone laughed and it was cute and such.
atleast that time i caught myself before passing their city completely.
i just missed their exit.
i'm just going to sit down, turn on my shows, and eat some fiber. because apparently that's where my life is quickly, quickly heading.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

drummers get all the chicks

so i can't upload the video for you to see here, but you can just click the link for 16 seconds of cuteness.

the backstory? my sister-in-law and her husband were up in our area last night visiting friends, so we went over to hang out. drums were brought out, and jonas found his groove. this video actually shows maybe the shortest time span he played for--before this he had a really intense session ;).

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

men at work

okay, really it's more like "man at work while woman chases giant baby up the stairs". and whose bright idea was it to allow us to buy a house that has STAIRS. because the STAIRS are the best thing in the world, and if the door upSTAIRS is open at all, then someone (who will remain nameless, but just a hint, he still poops himself) makes a beeline for the STAIRS. STAIRS.

anyway, here's a sneak peek of the house in progress. it's actually a little bit more finished than these pictures show, but um, i was tired? or lazy? or eating goldfish crackers?

this is the kitchen. duh. so i know what you're thinking...EASTER EGG! or THIS IS AFTER PAINTING? and yes. yes it is. to both. yes, the cabinets are yellow. yes, the walls are turquoise. BUT. just invision a black and white checkerboard backsplash with a white countertop? and our chrome fridge where that step ladder is? yeah?'s not so bad, and heck, it's even FUN.

here's our bedroom. 1.5 walls are painted this greeny color that looks yellow but i swear isn't. and the other 2.5 walls are gray. this is hands down our favorite room in the house. period. it's just so...calm. and modern. but not forced. whatever.
downstairs and upstairs bathrooms, respectively. i stained the original bleached wood cabinets espresso, and john painted the bathroom downstairs "vintage aqua" or some crazy crap like that, and the upstairs with the leftover gray from our bedroom. we were sort of limited with the colors for the upstairs bathroom because of the BRIGHT BLUE TILE. i'm actually digging the tile, but again, it made it hard. because my life is tough.
the living room. i stained the mantle and john put together these two little bookcases. they're now filled with books and other things and it makes life much better. we love books. a nerdy cop married to a former nerdy history major yields A LOT OF BOOKS. glancing at our shelves you'll find david sedaris to cop survival tactics to velvet elvis to books about pidgin languages to computer programming to philosophy to poop books to the beatles.
what can i say? we're intellectuals.
anyway, that's the long and short of it. i haven't taken photos of the monster's room yet or anything else noteworthy. but we have DEER. in our BACKYARD. NEAR US. and that's pretty neat.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


the painting, it is finished. the packing, not so much.

you never really remember how delirious non-stop paint fumes, stain fumes, and moving can make you. like today when i checked the mail. and then made john check it again later in the afternoon. and then almost got upset because the mailman ignored his oath and didn’t trudge through the snow to deliver my junk mail.

and then i realized it was sunday. but i didn’t tell john. whew.

oh yeah, you read that right. snow. how the hell did we (in arkansas) manage to get about 10 inches dumped on us saturday and sunday when on FRIDAY it was 70 degrees? and the forecast for tuesday? upper 60s.

that just proves global warming. so stick that in your pipe and smoke it, naysayers.


anyway. i’m nuts.

jonas is spending spring break at his grammie’s house (because his great grandma is out of town). he packed some sunblock, his swim trunks, and mentioned something about judging a wet diaper contest. he keeps sticking both hands in the air and shouting “SPRING BREAK 2010!!!! FOREVA!!!!!” and mutters things like “ what happens at grammie’s house stays at grammie’s house”.

i don’t have the heart to tell him that she just lives 15 minutes away.


and 219? what a beautiful number.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


so jonas has been holding steady at 7 teeth for some time now. and it's cool. he looks good with only 3 lower incisors. really. but to be honest, i've been waiting on this last bad boy to BUST through so i could then begin to mentally prepare for the molars that should show up when he's closer to one year.

(jonas with his aunt "dubya" at her wedding in january).

except that i forgot that our monster is a freak of baby nature. and so while i've been waiting oh so patiently for his last incisor, the molar(s) appeared. like overnight.

does anyone else think that this is totally crap?

yesterday one molar cut through, and on the opposing side, another waits. i'm pretty positive that it'll break through the tissue sometime today if it hasn't already.

that brings the count up to NINE teeth.
and brings the eagle eyes (and fingers) of moi searching for that last incisor.


Tuesday, March 16, 2010


i'm alive.


so here's the scoop. john and i are closing on a house on march 26th (NEXT FRIDAY OMG), and the current owner is absolutely awesome. because she's so awesome, she's allowed us to have the keys early to start moving things in/paint/cause general chaos.

and we've been doing just that. we couldn't really move a whole lot prior to this past weekend because dude, we drive a vw beetle and a hyundai sonata and oh, we have a TEN MONTH OLD GIANT EVIL GENIUS. my grandparents have a truck/trailer that we all use whenever movin' time rolls around, and they happen to be leaving for california THIS saturday, not to return until the following weekend.

so it was literally this weekend or not at all. and i don't know about you, but i like some of my stuff.

we spent friday, saturday, and sunday ALL DAY LONG at the new house. i spent most of my time taping, sanding, painting, and staining anything that was nailed down. and whose BRIGHT IDEA WAS IT TO PAINT THE CABINETS YELLOW? HELLO? oh. yeah. it was me. so that's been fun. and it's also subjected me to daily texts from john that sort of look like this:

OMG. $(^*#@$! paint! $^&* these cabinets. #@&* THEM!

only there's actual bad words instead of silly symbols there. but wouldn't it be awesome if bad words actually sounded like silly symbols!?

needless to say (but i will anyway), my hands are stained espresso because i failed to learn the lesson that stain is named STAIN for a reason, i have yellow (and blue) paint in places i didn't even know were exposed. and my thighs burn. oh, they burn.

BUT, it's coming together. very nicely. i can't wait.

Sunday, March 7, 2010



today you are ten months old. i can’t believe how fast time has gone….i also can’t imagine you not in our life.

what are you up to?

well, you’re cruising like a pro. you have been for a while, actually. but you’re getting really bold at times, and several times a day we watch you let go of whatever you’re bracing against and just stand. without support. by yourself. like a real boy. and a few of those times? you’ve had the gall to take a step towards whoever was near.

and then you fall down.

but whatever. logistics.

you eat three decent meals a day (where you feed yourself for part of it), use sippy cups during the day and bottles in the early morning and at night, get angry when you can’t use the spoon to feed yourself, and munch on snacks, too.

we have this new game where you sit in your high chair, and with a (clean) spoon i open my mouth and you “feed” me. and then you pull it out of my mouth, i say “yum!” and clap my hands. and then you clap. and then we do it again. and again. and again. and once more.

you have SEVEN teeth. which is cool because i like prime numbers. you’re a little unsure of this whole tooth paste and tooth brush gig, but you tolerate it.

it’s always an adventure when i check on you while you sleep. we never know how you’re going to be laying! one of my recent favorites, though is this:


with both legs folded under you.

you let me cut your hair with clippers! which really makes me glad because it was really scary for me when i would use scissors. because, you know, you move a lot. and you have eyes and stuff that i’d like to keep attached to you.

you delight us more and more each day. you’re such a happy baby that i’m afraid that if we ever have another we might be disappointed! you’re sweet with your hugs and kisses, and the way you wave bye-bye.

jonas, we love you more than you’ll ever be able to understand. that’s the way it’s supposed to be, i think. layers and layers of love that just grow and grow and grow.



Wednesday, March 3, 2010


i really didn't expect to loose any weight while going meat-less for Lent, and actually expected to gain some weight from the slight influx of carbs. and i thought that that was pretty accurate because when i stepped on the scale last week it was about 5 pounds higher than what it usually is.

and then i had a small panic attack.

and then i realized that it was THAT TIME where mother nature tortures women worldwide, which reminded me that i always gain a few pounds of lovely fluid retention during that time.

so this morning was the real test. i hadn't been on the scale in a week. and wasn't optimistic. at all.

but it was about 3 pounds lighter than was it usually is! and then i gave myself a high five. which really just looks like i'm clapping badly.

i've made some yummy meals like spicy black bean burgers. i've had more raw fruits and veggies than humanly possible to consume. i've had a LOT of beans. but one of my favorite little jewels? oh, it's just the simply delightful avocado and honey sandwich on whole wheat bread.

OMG. i'm not even kidding. if you like honey and avocado at all, you have to try this. soooooo tasty. i had it last night for dinner, and i'm doing it again for lunch today!