Saturday, February 6, 2010

topsy turvy

this morning john had to get up earlier than usual to get ready for his first drill weekend. he had to be at a certain place in the area by 530am so that he could catch a ride to fort smith.

so he woke up early, and i didn’t even hear his alarm go off. he walks a little before 530 to give me a kiss goodbye, and i rolled over back into my slumber.

around 715 or so, i hear jonas stirring around. i groggily stumble into the bathroom, eyes still sealed shut. i then walk into jonas’s room and turn on the light.

and there he was. in the buff. in all of his almost-nine moth old glory. butt naked. somehow during the night he managed to wiggle his diaper off (and because he had puked all over himself last night, he went to bed only in his diaper). luckily he hadn’t peed or gag…pooped anywhere.

we walk into the living room, and snuggled as he had a bottle. needing to go to the bathroom again, i left him in the living room and made my way that direction.

after being awake for a little bit longer, i realized that there were weird lightbulbs in the fixture and the towel rack had been broken off the wall.

so i had to text john. because, come on. naked baby, and crazy bathroom antics? so i told john the story of naked jonas, he laughed, and then i asked him about the towel rack and lightbulbs.

apparently it had been a rough morning.

but atleast it was john who broke the stuff instead of some sort of deranged intruder who wanted to see my chubby baby naked and steal our towel rack, all while changing the lightbulbs.

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