Tuesday, February 2, 2010

if you love her

i’ve been getting email after email asking me for a valentine’s day gift guide.

okay. so that was all a lie. whatev.


anyway, here ARE some completely awesome things that any girl named wendy would really love. a lot. HEAR THAT, JOHN? HUH?


clinique happy perfume. because i’m almost out. and it’s tasty.


women’s toms in ash. because they match my life. so pretty.


and because i’m a doofus, i totally LAMELY saved the last photo in bitmap and now it’s all like BITMAP? ONLY JPEGS, FOO’.

but those cute breadboxes at target? you know? the ones where i make you walk an extra lap around the store (secretly) just so i can glance at them from afar? and maybe touch their beautiful, colorful exterior with my pinkie finger as i walk by?

yeah. one of those. i’m not picky. but red or turquoise, plz.


i <3 valentine’s day.


Sarah said...

i would be happy with any of those things too! this is why we are friends wendy.

Sarah said...

(but i do know what jamie has gotten me for valentines day... he did good :) so jamie, i'm not hinting at anything, i'm very satisfied with my gift)