Thursday, February 25, 2010

don't mind me, it's just my uterus yelling.

last week i was browsing a few baby gift registeries that my dear and lovely friend, staci, has set up for the (QUICKLY APPROACHING!!!) birth of rylee jane. and i swear to you, i heard my ovaries giggle as my uterus screamed BABYBABYBABYBABYBABY a few hundred times.

and then i told it to shut up, and that it needed to talk (and apologize) to my lady parts who had suffered horribly just nine and a half short months ago. because my lady parts will never forget the horror.

i know that another baby isn't even on the table at this point. and if a baby should come into the plans, it will be a few years from now. because that's logical and efficient and smart. and adult and stuff.

yesterday, we had TWO babies in our waiting room. one cute little boy and then the other. the baby girl. with the big, annoyingly cute bow on her head. and those pink, pink clothes. with flowers. and little pearl buttons. and ruffles. and the girlie, lyrical name. and those eyelashes.

AND YOU KNOW WHAT JOHN DID? last night john found, tucked away on his iphone, a list of baby girl names.

i then stood up, clutched my ovaries, and fell over dead.

and this new, hormonal free-fall i've found myself in isn't helped at all by everyone that i possible know being pregnant or giving birth in the next minute. SERIOUSLY, PEOPLE. YOU HAVE TO STOP IT. DON'T YOU KNOW I HAVE A BABY? DON'T YOU KNOW?!

in the mean time, if you see us around town and jonas is wearing one of those annoyingly adorable bows on his head, just grin and tell me what a beautiful little girl i have.

whatever. i'll pay for his therapy later.

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Alli said...'s crazy isn't it?? I've actually been contemplating another! (!!!!) I think it's something in our hormones or our bodies that is biological that tells us to start thinking about another. Our babies aren't really babies anymore...they're closer to toddlers now!

We got pregnant with #2 when our first was right at a year old. I thought about that the other day, and that would only be another couple of months if we were to do that again. It's not gonna happen that soon, though.

I do want another. I just think 5 kids in 7 or 8 years is CRAZY. Seriously crazy.