Wednesday, February 17, 2010

the beginning

today marks ash wednesday and the beginning of lent. while i'm not catholic, i really wanted to "sacrifice" something for the duration of lent to remind me of the sacrifice of the Lamb.

it really didn't take much thought as to what i would give up. like so many others, food is such a crutch. when i'm sad, let's eat! when i'm pissed, let's eat! OH, IT'S 2:17pm...LET'S EAT. and i have a certain weakness for meat. fatty meat. salami. hot dogs. the right side of a cow. WHATEVER. YUM. for the past year or so, the idea of forgoing meat has been on my mind and heart someway or another. it's not ethical, but more of a health thing.

so meat it is.

now, i will eat meat whenever i'm at family meals that i don't prepare (i.e. grandma's house on sunday afternoons) because i don't want to put them out and have anyone worry about what i can't eat. we've prepared with substitute proteins, whole grains, and veggies.

i hope to document my success (and failures), recipes i stumble upon, and what i've gleaned from this forty day adventure. and who knows? i might adopt this as a new lifestyle.

or you may find me on Easter sunday rubbing the easter ham all over my body.
it's a craps shoot.


Kathleen said...

Hi! I'm an all the time veggie, so I might have few recipes for you to try just in case you want something new...

I'd say skip the tofu, it's so hard to make it not suck. For years I lied to myself saying I liked it, but yeah, no. In Miso soup it's tolerable.

Tara. said...

Good for you! I was just debating on what to give up myself. You can do it!

wendy said...


i'd LOVE recipes. any and all you think even sound tasty, and i'll try 'em! i bought one little pack of tofu, and was figuring worst case i'd miso it up :)

thanks!! i'm excited and nervous all at the same time. i can't wait to hear about what you've decided! (and ps, thanks for the blog invite!)