Saturday, January 30, 2010

wherever i lay my head

here are a few pics of the midway progress of our new bedroom. i still have to get a curtain rod and curtains, do a little decorating….but it’s getting there!

there’s a set of gray curtains that have my name all over them at target. hopefully when i get paid this week, john will give me the okay to get them.

jonas 010

jonas 011

jonas 012

the pictures really don’t do the color of this dresser any justice. it’s a mix between robin egg blue and tiffany blue…the perfect shade of aqua.

jonas 013

and of course, zeusy’s abode.

jonas 014

have a great day!


Stephanie said...

i -love- the dresser! the picture may not do the color justice, but i can still tell it's awesome.
and random question: charlie and i keep talking about getting another corgi (punkin will ONLY be friends with her own kind, apparently.) do you remember where yall got him? they don't really sell them down here...

Tara. said...

Oh my gosh! I LOVE your bedding! It's beautiful. Your new room looks great! That dresser is the best color of blue. I really like it!