Thursday, January 14, 2010

wedding weekend extravaganza, pt 1

first, i need to apologize for my absence. i think that in the whirl of this past weekend, i lost track of my head…and just found it under the pile of laundry on our couch.

we left northwest arkansas around 8am on saturday morning. john’s sister, whitney, was getting married that afternoon, and i was a bridesmaid. a bridesmaid who is unable to even make a decent pony tail. so we had to book it to get to russellville for my 11 am hair appointment.

everything was great! we were having fun! whoo! driving! i managed to completely piss off a random person while playing “words with friends” because i took john’s suggestion and replied “no comprende, lo siento” when they said hello. sorry, i just don’t like chatting with strangers while i’m trying to whoop your ass at virtual scrabble.

and then it happened.

we had a blow-out. tire, that is. so that was fun. no, seriously. it was awesome standing outside, watching john change the tire for 15 minutes in the 16 degree (not including windchill) weather. by the time he was finished, the jack was covered with ice.

so while in russellville, we got new tires! and because his was too small, john bought a white dress shirt from wal-mart! that came with a “handmade” tie! so you know it’s quality!

the wedding happened, everything went great, they got married off, we managed to fit all 87 family members on a stage under hot lights for a few pictures. and by few i mean thousand. whatever. give or take 2.

we came back to john’s parents’ house to crash for the night, and then got ready for out of town wedding number TWO on sunday.

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