Sunday, January 3, 2010

smoked out

on thursday, it was cold. well, yeah. so in an attempt to make the house all warm and cozy before john got home from hanging out with a friend. so while jonas finished his nap, i bundled up, making several trips outside to grab firewood. after getting 6 or 7 big logs, i ventured back in to the baby waking up.

i made him some lunch, because there’s some sort of law about feeding your kid or something. whatever. as he is eating, i start up the fire.

yay! fire! woo-hoo!

the firestarter log was lit, and things were progressing nicely. there was some smoke developing, but in my thinking, it was because it had been rainy/snowy the past few days and the wood has just been wet. so it was natural to have a little smoke flowing.

but then that little smoke became a lot of smoke. and then more smoke. and then i found myself bundling up my still eating child all a christmas story style, placing him near the open front door, and opening up the back door in hopes to create some sort of cross-breeze action.

but more and more smoke was flowing in. i’m saying that i couldn’t even get into the living room because my eyes starting burning and watering and i couldn’t see. it was like an episode of rescue 911 playing out in my house.

after a frantic text to john asking him WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU? HOUSE. FILLED. WITH. SMOKE. CAN’T. BREATHE. he pulled up minutes later, to quickly survey the scene and determine that someone didn’t open the chimney flue. he opened it, and the smoke dissipated fairly fast.

i can’t believe zeus is that dumb. not checking the flue first. WE MIGHT TRADE YOU IN FOR A JACK RUSSELL, LITTLE DOG.


Shana said...

Oh my gosh! As soon as I saw it in my dashboard, I went "She didn't open the flue!!" How funny! I love reading your blog, you are too cute!

Kathleen said...

We are new to the fire thing here, having just moved to the mts from the desert, and our stove worked great the first few times we used it. However, my husband used a longer log on the next fire, and somehow managed to close the flue with it. 20 long minutes later, with that nice camping smoke smell soaking into the furniture, we figured it out. Whew, though, it's scary.

We blame all sorts of stuff on our dog too, he is always forgetting to go to the bank, and he sucks at doing the dishes...