Sunday, January 24, 2010


so you know how i mentioned something yesterday about thinking about moving some rooms around?

yeah. i did it.

i’m not finished, not finished even in the least bit. BUT i did manage to break down the guest room, move a bedframe, mattress set, rug, ANOTHER wood bed frame, and other random crap and shove it all into the hallway.

and then, just because i’m that buff, i took apart our queen size bed, hauled it to the old guest room, moved a mattress set, two end tables, and a HEAVY wooden dresser…and put it all back together again.

frankly, i da man.

i didn’t take pics yet of our new bedroom, mainly because it isn’t finished. i still need to buy curtains for it and do a little decoratin’, but once it’s done done done, i’ll show you. because i’m nice.

you’re welcome.

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