Monday, January 4, 2010


1. checking my email every 7 minutes will not, in fact, make someone buy our old bed off craigslist any faster.

2. if you happen to notice a certain almost 8-month old looking a little…well, eyebrow-less, then you may know that jonas’s new obsession is fire. and lots of it.

3. asian people love jonas.

4. if i have to do another load of laundry tonight, i may choke someone out.

5. luckily for me, there’s about 8 loads left.

6. yeah, i said 8. JUDGE ME.

7. i had a snow day today. woot.

8. instead of doing laundry, i stole the bakers rack from the guest room and threw it in the living room. i also lifted a mirror that weighs approximately 267lbs from the guest room all the way above the 6 foot tall mantle.

9. i da man.

10. i’m really craving something Persian. and not a cat.

11. after much discussion, we decided that when we win 25 million from the lottery, we’d go ahead and do the yearly payments. yes, yes, a lump sum of 12 million sounds nice, but roughly 70k a month sounds pretty appealing as well. i mean, we’d have to wait, what, 2-3 months to buy whatever we wanted? i gueeeeessssss we could do that.

12. i’m pretty creative.

13. that mirror was seriously heavy.

14. we got to spend the weekend with our FRIENDS!!!! and next weekend? WE GET TO DO IT AGAIN!!! for the weddings!!! yay!!!!

15. i have to pack for TWO out of town weddings next weekend. bummer.

16. i can build (and maintain) a fire at an amazing rate.

17. i smell like bleach wipes.

18. veggie abc soup, yum.

19. jonas is napping. yeah. it’s 6 pm. it happens.

20. work tomorrow again blurgh i die.

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