Saturday, January 23, 2010


life has been hitting me, us, at about 100 mph. it’s like i can’t catch up no matter how hard i try…so i give you fragments.

during the 10 feet from our front door to our car door, i noticed that there were approximately 100 birds housed in every tree. being that our street is well established (read: old), there are a lot of trees. with a lot of birds. and more were circling in the air above us.

so i did what any rational person who has watched ‘the birds’ one too many times would do, and covered our eyes while swinging a diaper bag around violently.

tippi would have been proud.

i recently decided to switch rooms in our house, making our guest room now our bedroom.

i think i’m crazy.

i’ve lost about 10 pounds so far in my venture. i have a loooong way to go to my goal (125-130)…but i can do it. my little app on my phone tells me i should get to my goal weight on july 22nd.

in 3 months john will leave for 5 months for basic and advanced personal training. i go day to day from being really sad to really excited. i love him lots, and know that this is the best decision for our family. we’re tough little suckers…we can do this. AND, looks like he’ll get a little cute wife when he gets back!

jonas is incredible. he’s so smart, strong, and cracks me up. he can climb up just about anything, rarely cries or fusses, sleeps great, eats SO MUCH, is working on feeding himself, and is trying to let go of whatever he is holding onto, trying to balance himself while standing…and i cannot believe that he’s so close to being 9 months old. NINE months. it rattles my brain.

i’ll miss you, coco.


Tara. said...

Congrats on the weight loss! What are you doing to lose? That's so exciting!

I'm sorry hubby has to leave for 5 months. It will be tough, but you can do it! Being thinner for his arrival will motivate you to stay on track!

Good to hear from you. Hang in there!

Shana said...

OMGosh! I laughed out loud picturing you swinging a bag around like a mad woman!!