Saturday, January 30, 2010

wherever i lay my head

here are a few pics of the midway progress of our new bedroom. i still have to get a curtain rod and curtains, do a little decorating….but it’s getting there!

there’s a set of gray curtains that have my name all over them at target. hopefully when i get paid this week, john will give me the okay to get them.

jonas 010

jonas 011

jonas 012

the pictures really don’t do the color of this dresser any justice. it’s a mix between robin egg blue and tiffany blue…the perfect shade of aqua.

jonas 013

and of course, zeusy’s abode.

jonas 014

have a great day!

Monday, January 25, 2010

the special gift

again, y’all remember the whole “i moved the entire house by myself because i may or may not be slightly on the crazy side” thing from saturday?

you know, when i thought i was on one of those trading spaces shows, but only, on my episode….i was the only one there? and did it all? and then became really really sore and tired and OH MY GOD, IS THIS WHAT SWEAT IS?

so yeah, half of the time while i was working….jonas was awake. which meant that john really, truly helped my sanity by watching him for me so that i could trudge along my little, misguided little way. i mean, they cuddled. they played. they had a cookie! and they had a bottle! life was great!

and suddenly, i just was downright jealous of the cooing and the giggles and the “JONAS! SAY DADADADADA. SAY IT. DADADADA. QUIT LAUGHING AT ME! SAAAAAAAY IT!!” because dang it, they were bonding and having fun and who doesn’t lurve baby giggles?

so i snuck back into the living room after shimming down the hallway, past the twin size mattress and over the metal bedframe, over the rolled up area rug and around the stroller to see my boys. MY BOYS. my boys who love me and think that i’m just the most wonderfully amazing person on earth.

which, incase you were wondering….is completely true. i’m awesome. duh.


john was chilling out on the loveseat, and jonas was scaling the futon…and may or may not have been trying to pilfer through my laundry. so i sat on the futon, and jonas smiled and laughed and i think he might have even winked at me, because dude, i’m awesome when i JUST HAD TO PICK HIM UP. it was like i didn’t even know what i was dong, my arms just lifted, my body grunted, and BOOM! he was in my lap.

not 3.4 seconds after arriving in my lap did jonas look at me, open his mouth, and start to projectile vomit. and people, i’m not talking about “OMG! my baby spit up! ew!”. because while that’s gross, nothing is GROSSER (besides copious amounts of poo) than adult-sized vomit coming out of a sweet little baby vessel.

and so i sat there, looking at john, one hand full of vomit, the entire right side of my body covered, holding a baby (who incidentally didn’t have a drop of it on him)  asking john to help me.

and you know what he did? DO YOU KNOW WHAT HE DID?

he sat there. and stared. as if to welcome jonas into the man club. his eyes were filled with a mixture of wonder, love, and admiration.

that was a puke to be proud of.

and then he toweled off my leg.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


so you know how i mentioned something yesterday about thinking about moving some rooms around?

yeah. i did it.

i’m not finished, not finished even in the least bit. BUT i did manage to break down the guest room, move a bedframe, mattress set, rug, ANOTHER wood bed frame, and other random crap and shove it all into the hallway.

and then, just because i’m that buff, i took apart our queen size bed, hauled it to the old guest room, moved a mattress set, two end tables, and a HEAVY wooden dresser…and put it all back together again.

frankly, i da man.

i didn’t take pics yet of our new bedroom, mainly because it isn’t finished. i still need to buy curtains for it and do a little decoratin’, but once it’s done done done, i’ll show you. because i’m nice.

you’re welcome.

Saturday, January 23, 2010


life has been hitting me, us, at about 100 mph. it’s like i can’t catch up no matter how hard i try…so i give you fragments.

during the 10 feet from our front door to our car door, i noticed that there were approximately 100 birds housed in every tree. being that our street is well established (read: old), there are a lot of trees. with a lot of birds. and more were circling in the air above us.

so i did what any rational person who has watched ‘the birds’ one too many times would do, and covered our eyes while swinging a diaper bag around violently.

tippi would have been proud.

i recently decided to switch rooms in our house, making our guest room now our bedroom.

i think i’m crazy.

i’ve lost about 10 pounds so far in my venture. i have a loooong way to go to my goal (125-130)…but i can do it. my little app on my phone tells me i should get to my goal weight on july 22nd.

in 3 months john will leave for 5 months for basic and advanced personal training. i go day to day from being really sad to really excited. i love him lots, and know that this is the best decision for our family. we’re tough little suckers…we can do this. AND, looks like he’ll get a little cute wife when he gets back!

jonas is incredible. he’s so smart, strong, and cracks me up. he can climb up just about anything, rarely cries or fusses, sleeps great, eats SO MUCH, is working on feeding himself, and is trying to let go of whatever he is holding onto, trying to balance himself while standing…and i cannot believe that he’s so close to being 9 months old. NINE months. it rattles my brain.

i’ll miss you, coco.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

wedding weekend extravaganza, pt 1

first, i need to apologize for my absence. i think that in the whirl of this past weekend, i lost track of my head…and just found it under the pile of laundry on our couch.

we left northwest arkansas around 8am on saturday morning. john’s sister, whitney, was getting married that afternoon, and i was a bridesmaid. a bridesmaid who is unable to even make a decent pony tail. so we had to book it to get to russellville for my 11 am hair appointment.

everything was great! we were having fun! whoo! driving! i managed to completely piss off a random person while playing “words with friends” because i took john’s suggestion and replied “no comprende, lo siento” when they said hello. sorry, i just don’t like chatting with strangers while i’m trying to whoop your ass at virtual scrabble.

and then it happened.

we had a blow-out. tire, that is. so that was fun. no, seriously. it was awesome standing outside, watching john change the tire for 15 minutes in the 16 degree (not including windchill) weather. by the time he was finished, the jack was covered with ice.

so while in russellville, we got new tires! and because his was too small, john bought a white dress shirt from wal-mart! that came with a “handmade” tie! so you know it’s quality!

the wedding happened, everything went great, they got married off, we managed to fit all 87 family members on a stage under hot lights for a few pictures. and by few i mean thousand. whatever. give or take 2.

we came back to john’s parents’ house to crash for the night, and then got ready for out of town wedding number TWO on sunday.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

the favorite gift

so this christmas, i’m not going to lie…i got some amazing gifts.

from the practical yet LOVERLY


to the so cute but apparently extremely limited edition dell inspirion mini netbook (that’s serioulsy so freaking cute) that there’s not even a picture to be found on all the interwebs.


but those all pale in comparison to my favoritest gift of them all this season


my pop up, snap in drain stopper for my tub.

while it may have only cost a couple dollars at most, it has by far brought more joy than one can imagine to my soul. where was this bad boy when i was 2342 weeks pregnant (because that’s the only way you know how to count when you’re with child) and taking marathon baths each night, praying to my wash-cloth stopped drain to PLEASE FOR THE LOVE DO NOT DRAIN MY WATER, mammoth-sized soapy pregnant body trying to not get wedged in the tub as a JAMMED IT BACK INTO PLACE with every ounce of strength?

i love you, pop-up, snap-in drain stopper. you make my heart pitter patter.

Monday, January 4, 2010


1. checking my email every 7 minutes will not, in fact, make someone buy our old bed off craigslist any faster.

2. if you happen to notice a certain almost 8-month old looking a little…well, eyebrow-less, then you may know that jonas’s new obsession is fire. and lots of it.

3. asian people love jonas.

4. if i have to do another load of laundry tonight, i may choke someone out.

5. luckily for me, there’s about 8 loads left.

6. yeah, i said 8. JUDGE ME.

7. i had a snow day today. woot.

8. instead of doing laundry, i stole the bakers rack from the guest room and threw it in the living room. i also lifted a mirror that weighs approximately 267lbs from the guest room all the way above the 6 foot tall mantle.

9. i da man.

10. i’m really craving something Persian. and not a cat.

11. after much discussion, we decided that when we win 25 million from the lottery, we’d go ahead and do the yearly payments. yes, yes, a lump sum of 12 million sounds nice, but roughly 70k a month sounds pretty appealing as well. i mean, we’d have to wait, what, 2-3 months to buy whatever we wanted? i gueeeeessssss we could do that.

12. i’m pretty creative.

13. that mirror was seriously heavy.

14. we got to spend the weekend with our FRIENDS!!!! and next weekend? WE GET TO DO IT AGAIN!!! for the weddings!!! yay!!!!

15. i have to pack for TWO out of town weddings next weekend. bummer.

16. i can build (and maintain) a fire at an amazing rate.

17. i smell like bleach wipes.

18. veggie abc soup, yum.

19. jonas is napping. yeah. it’s 6 pm. it happens.

20. work tomorrow again blurgh i die.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

smoked out

on thursday, it was cold. well, yeah. so in an attempt to make the house all warm and cozy before john got home from hanging out with a friend. so while jonas finished his nap, i bundled up, making several trips outside to grab firewood. after getting 6 or 7 big logs, i ventured back in to the baby waking up.

i made him some lunch, because there’s some sort of law about feeding your kid or something. whatever. as he is eating, i start up the fire.

yay! fire! woo-hoo!

the firestarter log was lit, and things were progressing nicely. there was some smoke developing, but in my thinking, it was because it had been rainy/snowy the past few days and the wood has just been wet. so it was natural to have a little smoke flowing.

but then that little smoke became a lot of smoke. and then more smoke. and then i found myself bundling up my still eating child all a christmas story style, placing him near the open front door, and opening up the back door in hopes to create some sort of cross-breeze action.

but more and more smoke was flowing in. i’m saying that i couldn’t even get into the living room because my eyes starting burning and watering and i couldn’t see. it was like an episode of rescue 911 playing out in my house.

after a frantic text to john asking him WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU? HOUSE. FILLED. WITH. SMOKE. CAN’T. BREATHE. he pulled up minutes later, to quickly survey the scene and determine that someone didn’t open the chimney flue. he opened it, and the smoke dissipated fairly fast.

i can’t believe zeus is that dumb. not checking the flue first. WE MIGHT TRADE YOU IN FOR A JACK RUSSELL, LITTLE DOG.