Tuesday, December 8, 2009



today you are seven months old! way to go! we're all still alive! it's amazing!

you are getting to be more and more fun each day. you've figured out the relationship roles that you have with the main people in your life. daddy is fun. mommy is sweet. sure, sure. daddy can be sweet. and mommy? well, i can be hella fun. but it's not what you prefer. you know us all too well.

every morning, this is what we do. cuddle up in blankets while watching the morning news.

during the week you are usually way too tired from grandma's house to stay up and play with me...but on the weekends? well, it's game time. you love to go to your box of toys in the living room and get. them. all. out. and play with them all. at the same time.

yes, there's a nasal aspirator in your toy bin.
no, it's never been used as that. that's just icky, people.

you love to SPLASH and cling to your rubber ducky in the bathtub. it's pretty adorable, actually. i just don't dare take photos of you in the actual tub at this point because i'm way too busy wrangling your wiggly body.

you're all about the eskimo kisses, letting out a soft "aaah" whenever you get one.

that's pretty adorable, too.

you still love to eat (everything). we're starting to give you "people food". not that you're a dog. but. you know. i mean, you've never really had that much actual baby food...it's always been just pure whatever that i've made. but now that you can munch on noodles? and turkey? and snacks? and bigger pieces of fruit? and whatever you want? you're unstopable.

you have SIX beautiful teeth. you're pulling up on things. you're moving across the room. you RUN in your walker.

you are simply amazing. and hilarious. you can always crack me up.
jonas, we love you. all of you.
except the poo. you can keep that to yourself.



Tara. said...

Awwww. It goes so fast, doesn't it? He's a curious little boy! :o)

Shana said...

My boys played with the booger sucker too, ha! (The ones that were never used of course) He is so cute Wendy! Happy 7 months!