Tuesday, December 22, 2009


i'm going to put it it out there. from the stories i've heard about john growing up, i've known from day one that our child would be just like him. curious, into everything, innovative, and honery.

so i'm not really sure why i was so surprised last week by jonas. he had been asleep for a couple hours, and i was on my way to bed (it was 8:45 people. NIGHT NIGHT TIME.) when i could have sworn i heard him talking. alone. in his room. and that was completely confirmed as i walked in our bedroom to hear music turning on and off and a babbling baby speaking into the monitor.

a few nights later, i put him in his bed. he sleeps on his stomach (SIDS!) and he immediately just put his face STRAIGHT down on the sheet. like not turned at all to either side. highly suspicious of this strange behavior, i pretended to walk out of his room and just waited.

not a minute or two later, i saw him pop his head up, look around, sit up and start clapping. and then going for the monitor.

i'm not sure what worries me most: my child playing for all hours during the night in his room alone (which isn't horrible), him grabbing his monitor as a favorite toy, or the fact that he's an evil genius, already being faking being asleep.

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Tara. said...

Isn't this a fun age? They really start to show their personality and play so much more!