Monday, December 28, 2009

gut bustin’

about once a week for the past couple of weeks, i’ll give jonas the chance to feed himself. it’s never gone very well. between him not being able to grasp the baby-sized bites to FINALLY being able to pick one up but unable to actually get it to his mouth, it’s been a long road.

and then there was lunch today.

i laid out some sliced turkey deli meat, cheddar cheese hunks, and green peas. and by golly, while it was slow and shaky, and may have taken him several cries of frustration and about 45 minutes of time…he did it. he even used his sippy cup. without complaint, even.

cautiously optimistic, i prepared his dinner. john and i had this spicy chicken and black bean soup…so i just scooped out some of the black beans and a hunk of chicken (and shredded it for him), plopped down a couple snack puffs, and filled his sippy with water…and watched with amazement that he was doing 100% better than he did at lunch. while a good portion of it was caught into his bib…he actually ate A LOT. all by himself.

i’m excited by this newfound ability of his, his love for independence, and all of that. besides eating like a pro, he’s been standing for a week solid. i’m not kidding. every time i turn my head, i see him standing up. and not just standing up, but starting the beginning phase of cruising. he goes (verrrrrry slowly) back and forth between his exersaucer and strategically placed ottoman to whoever is sitting in the big green chair.

next week we’re signing him up for driver’s ed.


Shana said...

Way to go Jonas!!

Cori said...

When did you start him on baby food and then solids?

wendy said...


we got the all-clear from our doc to start doing rice cereal/oatmeal at 4 months. we did that for a few weeks, and then i started making him baby food (like avacado, banana, sweet potato, etc).

lately i've been leaving it chunkier, and finally just tried tearing off some baby bite-sized pieces that he can handle on his own.

i'm not sure if it makes a difference, but he was always interested in food. he has had teeth since 5 months, and has always been able to do the "chewing" motions without issue. if he hadn't shown interest in food, we probably would have held off...but that kid WANTED it. :)