Monday, December 28, 2009


i’m going to be completely honest. i pretty much hate drinking water. hate it. yes, i order it at restaurants…but my motives are almost completely financially spurred.

but in an attempt to become a better version of me, i’m trying to not to drink soda for as long as possible. i don’t drink it often (almost only at work during lunch), but i want to become healthier, stronger, and a better example for jonas because frankly he catches on to things way too quickly.

so today at wal-mart, i bought a case of bottled water. and because the thought of drinking water sort of makes me gag a little, i also picked up some of these…

crystal light

and now my life is much happier. i’m drinking more water (two bottles so far!) with ease and without complaint. while it’s not as good as drinking straight water, at only 5 calories per bottle, it’s close enough for me.

maybe one day i’ll be a big girl and be able to drink plain water all by itself. but until then, i’ll be popping one of these in those crinkly plastic bottles.

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Shana said...

Oh my gosh...I love those things! The strawberry-banana ones are my favorite! Jeanette swears by the energy ones too.