Sunday, December 13, 2009


so, like any decent mother, i'm inclined to believe that my baby can kick your baby's ass. you may be thinking to yourself that I'm crazy or overly competitive, and you'd be 100% accurate.

but if you are honest with yourself, you'd admit that you believe the same thing.

so, like I was saying, my kid is awesome. and yes, I know that by the time he is 3 he could have a total god complex. and to that I say neener neener neener, hatersssss. it's not my fault that John and I happen to create abnormally attractive offspring. not only is he heart crushingly adorable, he's also just a cool kid.

that all said, I'm not the only one in the family that believes that Jonas is rad. his great grandma (who watches him 4 days a week) has talked about his superiority over other babies for over a week now after having lunch with some church ladies. I knew it had gone a little too well when I picked him up that day to them saying what a manly baby Jonas was. I mean, the other baby is just two weeks younger and it can't do anything! Our baby can do everything! Their baby just laid in the infant carrier while OUR baby sat up and ate and laughed and had fun! No one said that the other baby was cute, but THIS baby got all the attention! and and they're baby has NO teeth! OUR baby has SIX teeth!!!!

after trying to explain that Jonas is sort of a freak and just starting teething super early, that i was sure that the other baby was cute, too, and that babies all develop skills at different rates, all I got in response was SIX teeth, Wendy! SIX TO ZERO.

And that evening as I tried to get him all bundled up to load up into the csr, his head was decidely larger as his hat no longer would fit.

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Alli said...

Yes. I've been like this with all my kids and a friend had to keep telling me "Alli, all monkey mamas think their monkey baby is cutest." Yes, but compared to my babies, all the other babies really are monkeys. ;)

Jonas IS precious. And six teeth is IMPRESSIVE! I think the one of the best gifts we can give our kids is for them to know that we think they are the best and that we are their biggest fans!