Wednesday, December 30, 2009


help me out by checking in at my new weight loss blog (and keep me accountable!!)..


Monday, December 28, 2009

gut bustin’

about once a week for the past couple of weeks, i’ll give jonas the chance to feed himself. it’s never gone very well. between him not being able to grasp the baby-sized bites to FINALLY being able to pick one up but unable to actually get it to his mouth, it’s been a long road.

and then there was lunch today.

i laid out some sliced turkey deli meat, cheddar cheese hunks, and green peas. and by golly, while it was slow and shaky, and may have taken him several cries of frustration and about 45 minutes of time…he did it. he even used his sippy cup. without complaint, even.

cautiously optimistic, i prepared his dinner. john and i had this spicy chicken and black bean soup…so i just scooped out some of the black beans and a hunk of chicken (and shredded it for him), plopped down a couple snack puffs, and filled his sippy with water…and watched with amazement that he was doing 100% better than he did at lunch. while a good portion of it was caught into his bib…he actually ate A LOT. all by himself.

i’m excited by this newfound ability of his, his love for independence, and all of that. besides eating like a pro, he’s been standing for a week solid. i’m not kidding. every time i turn my head, i see him standing up. and not just standing up, but starting the beginning phase of cruising. he goes (verrrrrry slowly) back and forth between his exersaucer and strategically placed ottoman to whoever is sitting in the big green chair.

next week we’re signing him up for driver’s ed.


i’m going to be completely honest. i pretty much hate drinking water. hate it. yes, i order it at restaurants…but my motives are almost completely financially spurred.

but in an attempt to become a better version of me, i’m trying to not to drink soda for as long as possible. i don’t drink it often (almost only at work during lunch), but i want to become healthier, stronger, and a better example for jonas because frankly he catches on to things way too quickly.

so today at wal-mart, i bought a case of bottled water. and because the thought of drinking water sort of makes me gag a little, i also picked up some of these…

crystal light

and now my life is much happier. i’m drinking more water (two bottles so far!) with ease and without complaint. while it’s not as good as drinking straight water, at only 5 calories per bottle, it’s close enough for me.

maybe one day i’ll be a big girl and be able to drink plain water all by itself. but until then, i’ll be popping one of these in those crinkly plastic bottles.

Saturday, December 26, 2009


christmas this year was an entirely different experience for all of us. and all because of this.


this kid. this kid managed to open (with equal amounts of vigor and glee) more presents than i can physically count. he scaled boxes and bags of great heights. he made tissue paper crinkle and ribbon wish it was never born.


he may look at cute and cuddly, but believe me…christmas didn’t know what was coming.


he loved some of his presents so much that it was all he could do to not stand at attention. alone. because that’s what babies do. decide they can stand. alone. and then they fall down and then mommy’s have mini heart attacks and HOW MANY SHARP THINGS AND CORNERS ARE IN THIS ROOM? WHO DESIGNED THIS CRAP!? IT’S AN ACCIDENT WAITING TO HAPPEN.


and then you look in the back seat and see one of the cast members of “fargo”. and you realize that everything is going to be alright.

going live

so, this is all just basically one giant test.

john and i were able to purchase two netbooks today with our christmas haul, and mine has this windows live writer thingie on it which is essentially a blog crack dealer.

fingers crossed to this actually working!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


i'm going to put it it out there. from the stories i've heard about john growing up, i've known from day one that our child would be just like him. curious, into everything, innovative, and honery.

so i'm not really sure why i was so surprised last week by jonas. he had been asleep for a couple hours, and i was on my way to bed (it was 8:45 people. NIGHT NIGHT TIME.) when i could have sworn i heard him talking. alone. in his room. and that was completely confirmed as i walked in our bedroom to hear music turning on and off and a babbling baby speaking into the monitor.

a few nights later, i put him in his bed. he sleeps on his stomach (SIDS!) and he immediately just put his face STRAIGHT down on the sheet. like not turned at all to either side. highly suspicious of this strange behavior, i pretended to walk out of his room and just waited.

not a minute or two later, i saw him pop his head up, look around, sit up and start clapping. and then going for the monitor.

i'm not sure what worries me most: my child playing for all hours during the night in his room alone (which isn't horrible), him grabbing his monitor as a favorite toy, or the fact that he's an evil genius, already being faking being asleep.

Friday, December 18, 2009

the new teething toy

so this morning, i ran out to heat up the car while i left jonas playing in the living room. for those of you concerned for his safety, i made sure to move the set of steak knives 2 feet away from him. safety first, of course.

i so run out, turn the car on, and run back in. when i enter the living room, i see that zeusy has brought over his HUGE rawhide toy to the same rug that jonas was playing on. it was at that point that i remembered that i had left my flat iron on, so i ran to the bathroom to turn it off so that house wouldn't burn down. because man, that would suck, right?

i come back in to find no dog, and my child sitting there, happily gnawing away on the rawhide. i thought for a second about grabbing my camera or atleast my phone to take a picture, but then i remembered zeusy nibbling on his butt seconds before grabbing his chew toy. and then i sort of gagged a little.

or a lot. who's counting?

anyway, i take away the rawhide from jonas's grubby little hands, and i swear to you he looked up at me like i had just stabbed him in the kidneys. it was a look that almost made me reconsider taking away the rawhide and just giving it back to him.

damn kids.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

heart attack.

jonas has been trying for several weeks to pull himself up into a standing position. he will always get so close, and then his feet will slide just enough where a look of utter fear crosses his face and he crashes to the ground.

imagine the small heart attack i had on saturday morning as i walked back into the living room with my cup of juice...and this is what i saw.

yeah, just totally chilling. just hanging out and playing with his toys. and i was all like "JONAS! YOU ARE STANDING! YOU ARE MY ITTY BITTY BABY! WHERE'S THE CAMERA?! CRAP! WHERE'S MY PHONE!"

of course i said none of that aloud, just silently screaming it my head. i did my best super stealth moves, slllllllooooowwwwwllllllly putting down the cup of juice. and then slooooooooowwwwwly inching my fingers along the arm of the chair to grab my phone. then sllllllllllllooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwlllllllllyyyyyy opening the camera app, taking a few pictures.

after getting a few shots, i just knew that i HAD to get one of him facing me. in my mind, there would be a slight breeze blowing back his hair as his looked over his shoulder at me, giving me "blue steel".

instead, i called out his name, he looked at me...and fell down.

and that, my friends, is how i single-handedly ruined his first experience of standing up all by himself. i rule.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Sunday, December 13, 2009


so, like any decent mother, i'm inclined to believe that my baby can kick your baby's ass. you may be thinking to yourself that I'm crazy or overly competitive, and you'd be 100% accurate.

but if you are honest with yourself, you'd admit that you believe the same thing.

so, like I was saying, my kid is awesome. and yes, I know that by the time he is 3 he could have a total god complex. and to that I say neener neener neener, hatersssss. it's not my fault that John and I happen to create abnormally attractive offspring. not only is he heart crushingly adorable, he's also just a cool kid.

that all said, I'm not the only one in the family that believes that Jonas is rad. his great grandma (who watches him 4 days a week) has talked about his superiority over other babies for over a week now after having lunch with some church ladies. I knew it had gone a little too well when I picked him up that day to them saying what a manly baby Jonas was. I mean, the other baby is just two weeks younger and it can't do anything! Our baby can do everything! Their baby just laid in the infant carrier while OUR baby sat up and ate and laughed and had fun! No one said that the other baby was cute, but THIS baby got all the attention! and and they're baby has NO teeth! OUR baby has SIX teeth!!!!

after trying to explain that Jonas is sort of a freak and just starting teething super early, that i was sure that the other baby was cute, too, and that babies all develop skills at different rates, all I got in response was SIX teeth, Wendy! SIX TO ZERO.

And that evening as I tried to get him all bundled up to load up into the csr, his head was decidely larger as his hat no longer would fit.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009



today you are seven months old! way to go! we're all still alive! it's amazing!

you are getting to be more and more fun each day. you've figured out the relationship roles that you have with the main people in your life. daddy is fun. mommy is sweet. sure, sure. daddy can be sweet. and mommy? well, i can be hella fun. but it's not what you prefer. you know us all too well.

every morning, this is what we do. cuddle up in blankets while watching the morning news.

during the week you are usually way too tired from grandma's house to stay up and play with me...but on the weekends? well, it's game time. you love to go to your box of toys in the living room and get. them. all. out. and play with them all. at the same time.

yes, there's a nasal aspirator in your toy bin.
no, it's never been used as that. that's just icky, people.

you love to SPLASH and cling to your rubber ducky in the bathtub. it's pretty adorable, actually. i just don't dare take photos of you in the actual tub at this point because i'm way too busy wrangling your wiggly body.

you're all about the eskimo kisses, letting out a soft "aaah" whenever you get one.

that's pretty adorable, too.

you still love to eat (everything). we're starting to give you "people food". not that you're a dog. but. you know. i mean, you've never really had that much actual baby's always been just pure whatever that i've made. but now that you can munch on noodles? and turkey? and snacks? and bigger pieces of fruit? and whatever you want? you're unstopable.

you have SIX beautiful teeth. you're pulling up on things. you're moving across the room. you RUN in your walker.

you are simply amazing. and hilarious. you can always crack me up.
jonas, we love you. all of you.
except the poo. you can keep that to yourself.


Monday, December 7, 2009

this and that

this weekend i made pomanders, and now our house smells yummy. all orangey-spicey goodness! i can't wait until jonas is older...i really hope that these become a tradition in our home.

i'm sure that zeus hopes they will, too. because he likes to lick the oranges that are sitting near the fireplace. which is cool and all. i guess. sicko.

do you people know how hard it is to photograph a very mobile baby by yourself whilst balancing antlers on his head? if you don't, you should try it.

it's damn near impossible.

but i must say, he's the cutest stinking little reindeer in plaid i have ever seen.