Monday, November 30, 2009


from my extensive (ha.) experience as a mom, i'm going to let you in on one of the most terrifying things i have experienced to date (regarding my child, atleast. sprickets are in their own category of horror).

imagine my surprise when i walk in to "wake" him up one morning last week and HE POPS UP. POPS. i just about screamed. it was not unlike my reaction while watching the movie "halloween" when jamie lee curtis kills michael myers, sends the kids out of the house, and slumps to the ground, exhausted. only SUDDENLY, he's not dead. and he just POPS back up slowly, and out of focus. and everyone screams and is scared and wants to puke.

or is that just me?

anyway, i really hate surprises. and being scared. and it makes me just want to puke everywhere because i get all crazy in my stomach and suddenly it's hitting my uvula and making me gag. and then i want to die. because i hate puking.

i'm thinking i have some control issues.


Tara. said...

Oh My GROSS! I've never seen such a thing. I probably would have screamed, too. That's GROSS!

wendy said...

i do not say this with a smile, but i'm pretty sure that sprickets are of the devil.

Shana said...

I scare SO easy. I can be in the same room with someone & still get scared. It's awful! I'm constantly squealing & gasping, lol!